623: RealRyder® Indoor Cycling: Integrated Whole-Body Training

Time Block L1 - Saturday, 7:30-9:20am
Presented by: Leslee Bender
Session Format: Workshop

Members frequently suffer from chronic injuries and discomfort that are caused by poor posture, lack of flexibility and “bad” biomechanics that occur in everyday life. These postural weaknesses show up in cycling class. Learn the essential role a strong core musculature plays in an indoor cycling workout, and how to keep members injury-free. Ryde a three-lap criterium-style profile that requires the body to react quickly, in multiple planes, to the twists and turns of a fast race!

Leslee Bender

IDEA Author/Presenter
Leslee Bender is the founder of the Pilates Coach and the creator of the Bender Barre Method. A 2010... more less