420: RealRyder® Indoor Cycling: Burn Your Last Match

Time Block J - Friday, 7:00-7:45am
Session Format: Workout

Anaerobic interval training is an effective way to help your riders blast through fitness plateaus, build power and speed, and torch calories. Learn appropriate coaching, recovery time and cues to keep your interval training programs scientifically smart, fun and injury free. Leverage the dynamic turning and banking movements, exclusive to the RealRyder Indoor Cycle, and walk away with three distinct interval profiles that you can teach the very next day! Repeated as session #486.

Adam Reid

IDEA Author/Presenter
Adam Reid is recognized as one of the leading indoor cycling instructors in Los Angeles. Since movin... more less

Douglas Brooks, MS

IDEA Author/Presenter
Douglas Brooks, MS, is the Director of Programming for both BOSU® and RealRyder® Indoor Cycling, a... more less