576: Push, Pull, Bend, Twist, Squat and Lunge!

Time Block N - Sunday, 11:20am-1:10pm
Presented by: Fred Hoffman, MEd
Session Format: Workshop

Come experience a dynamic and effective strength-training workout based on six basic movement patterns. These total-body integrated exercises, which use a variety of studio-based equipment, are designed to improve overall strength, balance, coordination and muscle control. Accessible for everyone, this is functional training at its best!Here’s a ride well worth the price of admission! Experience an indoor cycling workout filled with world-class coaching, motivation, incredible energy and style. Take home a detailed handout with all the components of this ride broken down, including music, imagery and cues, AND a second complete ride ready to go, for FREE! It’s the ultimate cycling 2-for-1.
By Fred Hoffman, MEd

Fred Hoffman, MEd

IDEA Author/Presenter
Fred Hoffman, M.Ed., is the owner of Fitness Resources Consulting Services and the author of Going G... more less