208: Purposeful Assessments for Better Function

Time Block B - Friday, 8:45-11:35am
Presented by: Greg Roskopf, MA
Session Format: Lecture

With all the in-depth assessment techniques being taught in the industry today, are you doing the right things so your clients can achieve optimal results? Are you frustrated because the exercise programs you write might not result in the desired changes? Maybe it's time to assess the assessments. In this class, you'll learn how to objectively evaluate the information received from your present assessment procedures. Gain practical exercise progression skills in order to make daily adjustments to your clients' exercise programs so they may reach their desired goals.


Greg Roskopf, MA

IDEA Author/Presenter
Greg Roskopf, MA, is the owner and developer of Muscle Activation Techniques®, a biomechanical-b... more less