353: Powerful Teaching: Group X Essentials

Time Block J - Friday, 8:20-10:10am
Presented by: Carol Murphy
Session Format: Lecture

Learning to lead group fitness classes begins with this comprehensive course. We’ll take a look at today’s group exercise industry, its unique challenges and exciting opportunities. From pre-class preparation to post-workout stretch and relaxation, we’ll cover the necessities for a great class, including music fundamentals, cuing and assorted teaching techniques. Tap into the lessons learned by industry leaders and develop presentation skills that will motivate the masses. Whether you’re embarking on a career in group fitness or want to expand your knowledge as a fitness professional, this class is the beginning of the journey that will take you from good to great. This session is recommended as a prerequisite to session #363 – Powerful Teaching: Dance-Inspired High-Low.

Carol Murphy

IDEA Author/Presenter
Carol Murphy, a finalist for the 2008 IDEA Instructor of the Year, is a master trainer for Resist-A-... more less