309: Perform Better®: R.I.P. Traditional Marketing

Time Block E - Saturday, 8:45-11:35am
Session Format: Lecture

Are you looking to create a booming training business? Do you want to be the talk of the town and the leading training company in your community? Then it's time to say goodbye to traditional marketing vehicles and to lead with innovative, creative ways that capture the essence and emotion of your business. In this presentation, Todd and Lindsey will reveal five new nontraditional marketing strategies, tips to triple your online sales overnight, how to leverage your brand through social media, and much, much more!


Todd Durkin, MA

IDEA Author/Presenter
Todd Durkin, MA, owns Fitness Quest 10 and Todd Durkin Enterprises in San Diego. He is a human perfo... more less

Lindsey Richardson

IDEA Author/Presenter