330: Peak Pilates®: MVe® Reformer Energize Workout

Time Block J - Friday, 4:50-6:00pm
Presented by: Zoey Trap, MSc
Session Format: Workout

Become one with the reformer by transferring the energy from your body, mind and soul to the reformer. This workout will move you in and out of extraordinary shapes with a focus on deep-core strength and fluid movement. Experience how fabulous it feels to move from the inside out with a sense of ease. You will love how your body will lengthen as it tones up in a new way that can only be achieved through Pilates.

Zoey Trap, MSc

IDEA Author/Presenter
Zoey Trap, MSc, is a Peak Pilates® master trainer and the co-owner of the InnerSpace in Connecti... more less