200: Pain and Muscle Dysfunction: Considerations for Training the Injured Client

Time Block D1 - Saturday, 8:15am-12:05pm (Special Time)
Presented by: Greg Roskopf, MA
Session Format: Lecture / Workshop
- Overlaps Time Block D

As a trainer, your goal is to improve your client's overall health and function. What do you do when a client is unable to progress due to pain or injury? In this hands-on session, you will get progressive information on the physiology of injured tissue, how the muscular system adapts to pain, and how the exercise prescription must be different than what we would give to healthy clients. Walk away with a small (yet powerful) arsenal of assessments and tools that will allow you to properly assess a client's physical abilities and determine whether or not the exercises you usually prescribe may actually be contraindicated. If you want to help your clients obtain optimal results and live a pain-free lifestyle, you won't want to miss this session! Note: This session may qualify for up to 4 CEC hours.

Greg Roskopf, MA

IDEA Author/Presenter
Greg Roskopf, MA Greg Roskopf, MA, is the owner and developer of Muscle Activation Techniques(r) (MA... more less