607: $ocial Media for Dollar$

Time Block T - Saturday, 4:50-6:00pm
Presented by: Biray Alsac, MS
Session Format: Lecture

Over the last few years, fitness professionals have been exploring social media tools (like Facebook, Twitter and blogging) to improve their Web presence, increase marketing efforts and enhance relationships with their audiences. While these tools may have generated buzz for your business and helped you connect better with clients, have they improved your bottom line? This session is about the financial side of social media. Learn how to make money and see a return on your online investments, so that the next time you poke, tweet or blog, all you hear is “cha-ching”!

Biray Alsac, MS

IDEA Author/Presenter
Biray Alsac, MS, is the owner of FITTmaxx Institute, a consulting company for health organizations a... more less