016: New Science of the Human Body: The MELT Living-Body Model™

Wednesday, 12:30-6:30pm
Presented by: Sue Hitzmann, MS
Session Format: Preconference

Do your clients have chronic tension or pain? Do you have pain? A recent survey of personal trainers and group exercise instructors found that over 88% experience chronic pain. In fact, 80% of all orthopedic injuries are sports or exercise induced. Although the fitness model has evolved by adding mind-body concepts and functional exercises, injuries are occurring at an alarming rate. Neurofascial science must be added to current fitness practices to reverse this trend. New research has revealed the root cause of pain in active people—dehydrated connective tissue that leads to an unresponsive NeuroCore™ system. These issues cannot be resolved with current exercise protocols, yoga or Pilates techniques. Even in the field of manual therapy, only a few techniques directly treat the neurofascial system.

This 6-hour program will reveal revolutionary neurofascial science regarding connective tissue, pelvic stability and the NeuroCore system. Presenter Sue Hitzmann has integrated and simplified this new science and created an applicable model for the fitness-to-wellness industry: the MELT Living-Body Model. Participants will:

  • Gain a scientific understanding of new research of the human body regarding pelvic stability and mobility, the role of the diaphragm, tensional relationships and connective tissue, and how the neurofascial core system works to maintain postural integrity.
  • Explore the MELT Living-Body Model as a foundation for assessing whole-body imbalance and misalignment to aid in program design of any modality.
  • Apply cutting-edge science to the current musculoskeletal models to improve your ability to work with a broader variety of clientele.
  • Learn the MELT Hand and Foot Treatment and how to use these neurofascial techniques to improve overall body connection, alignment and flexibility for one-on-one clients.

A Certificate of Completion will be provided.

By Sue Hitzmann, MS

Sue Hitzmann, MS

IDEA Author/Presenter
Sue Hitzmann, MS, is the founder of Longevity Fitness, Inc. and the creator of the M.E.L.T. Method... more less