278: Marketing Your Blog in All the Right Places

Time Block H - Friday, 10:15am-12:05pm
Presented by: Biray Alsac, MS
Session Format: Lecture

With over 112 million blogs online, how can you ensure yours stands out from the other 111,999? Anyone can create a blog. It's getting people to read it that requires more work. Learn ways you can easily make your blog visually dynamic, highly interactive and Google-friendly. Learn from the "Top 100 Health and Fitness Blogs" and discuss why they are effective and successful. You'll be surprised at how quickly you advance from being a basic blogger to becoming an online social media guru!

Biray Alsac, MS

IDEA Author/Presenter
Biray Alsac, MS, is the owner of FITTmaxx Institute, a consulting company for health organizations a... more less