206: Making Money at Small-Group and Partner Training

Time Block E - Saturday, 7:30-9:20am
Session Format: Lecture

Small-group training has become extremely popular in clubs and training studios around the world. In fact, some facilities have opted to not offer one-on-one personal training anymore because group training is more profitable for the trainer and the business, and more fun and economical for clients. Get the scoop on how to program and market small-group and partner training before you miss out on this incredible business opportunity.

Alex McMillan

IDEA Author/Presenter
Alex McMillan was named the 2006 IDEA International Program Director of the Year and is the owner, p... more less

Sherri McMillan, MS

IDEA Author/Presenter
Sherri McMillan, MSc, is the co-owner of Northwest Personal Training and Northwest Women’s Fitness... more less