111: Lebert Fitness: Body-Weight Partner Training

Time Block A - Friday, 7:00-7:45am
Session Format: Workout

Is body-weight training and manual resistance one of the most functional and appropriate ways to train?  We crawl before we walk and walk before we run.  We usually ride a bike before we drive a car, yet for some reason, we enter the gym long before we have mastered our own body weight!  The science behind body-weight training and manual resistance shows amazing results in skill transfer, proprioception, range of motion, balance and strength, with a very low injury rate. Learn countless multiplanar exercises, progressions and regressions to suit any client, fit or not, and attack the central core like never before so you can leave with a renewed sense of how to train anyone, anywhere. (Repeated as session 311.)

Marc Lebert

IDEA Author/Presenter
Marc Lebert is the owner of Lebert Fitness, Inc., a leader in developing innovative body weight trai... more less

Christopher Roche

IDEA Author/Presenter