110: Lebert Fitness: Are You Pulling Your Own Body-Weight?

Time Block B1 - Friday, 12:15-1:15pm (Special Time)
Session Format: Workout

Do your clients (fit or not) shy away from pull-ups or push-ups? If so, they may simply not wish to attempt certain exercises due to the feeling that they are too hard or that they might fail. Seize this opportunity to empower your clients to be successful with these basic training exercises. Whether your clients need a training challenge or they are rehabilitating from injury, the uncertainty can be taken out of fundamental exercises like push-ups, pull-ups and other functional movements, by incorporating practical learning progressions and regressions. This interactive session also introduces several rotational and multiplanar applications that you can implement on Monday morning. Come and experience the newest trend in body-weight and manual resistance training by using the Lebert Equalizer and the Lebert Buddy System. (Taught in workshop format, session #314.)

Marc Lebert

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Christopher Roche

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