367: Kids Shouldn't Strength Train... and Other Myths

Time Block I - Saturday, 4:55-6:25pm
Presented by: Brett Klika
Session Format: Lecture

The folklore, old wive's' tales, and other bad information about youth and strength training have driven parents, coaches and trainers away from this necessary aspect of youth development. The result is unprecedented rates of athletic injury. It’s time to set the record straight. In this interactive lecture, learn the truth about youth and strength training. We'll discuss the five things we aren't doing enough of that could get kids strong and injury free. We'll also discuss some of the challenges and concerns when implementing a strength-training program for a single child, team or class.


Brett Klika

IDEA Author/Presenter
Brett Klika is the director of athletic performance at Todd Durkin's Fitness Quest 10 in San Die... more less