391: Keiser®: The Cyclist Toolbox

Time Block L - Saturday, 1:45-3:35pm
Presented by: Suzette O'Byrne
Session Format: Workshop

Put away the bike pump and get out your instructing toolbox! Proper bike set-up is only half of the equation when it comes to an efficient ride. Learn how the effective use of cycling technique, form and muscle activation can ensure your participants take full advantage of their endurance, power, efficiency and safety. Evaluate bike set-up to maximize results. Experience practical drills to teach your participants to ride with muscles that power the pedal stroke and relax those that contribute to fatigue and pain.

Suzette O'Byrne

IDEA Author/Presenter
Suzette O’Byrne is a master trainer with Keiser Corporation and a TRX® senior trainer who specia... more less