176: Keiser® Striding and Cycling: An Indoor Collision

Time Block D - Thursday, 2:45-4:35pm
Session Format: Workshop

Group elliptical classes are HOT in Europe! Now you can be among the first in North America to experience striding in combination with indoor cycling in this fun and innovative workout format. First, we will cover striding foundations and teach you how to use the onboard computers to monitor your progress. Next, discover and see how you can implement a variety of training methods (interval drills, speed drills, hiking drills, recovery drills, etc.) for ultimate fitness. Finally, get information on how to develop a class that blends these two formats into one amazing workout. Repeated as sessions 280 and 477.

Krista Popowych, BHK

IDEA Author/Presenter
Krista Popowych is the executive director for the 2010 Olympic Oval in Vancouver, BC. She is a TV fi... more less

Suzette O'Byrne

IDEA Author/Presenter
Suzette O’Byrne has been a group cycling master trainer with Keiser since 1996 and is a registered... more less