010: IDEA’s Fitness Business Forum

Wednesday, 8:30am-5:30pm
Session Format: Preconference

This full-day preconference workshop is for those who are:

  • Starting a personal training or other fitness-related business
  • New business owners (3 years or less)
  • Entrepreneurs
Whether you’re an existing or new business owner or just beginning to plan your venture, this unique new all-day preconference program is a must for avoiding costly mistakes and building a distinct “fast-track” competitive edge in your market. Discover many of the secrets that most fitness business owners miss, and find out how to balance the personal and professional aspects of your life as your business grows. Get tips for your specific business from the most successful experts in the fitness industry. You can’t afford to miss this in-depth business development workshop.

Welcome 8:30–8:40am

Fitness Business Basics
Derrick Wilburn, MBA
Many fitness professionals find out the hard way that there’s a lot more to starting a business than just running an ad in the local newspaper and raking in the clients. In addition, there is a vast difference between being an independent personal trainer and owning a business. This lecture examines some of the very basic, yet very critical—and often overlooked—elements that go into opening and running a successful enterprise.

Universal Keys to Business Success
Nicki Anderson
As fitness business owners, we all can agree that you need a good menu of services to draw and retain clients and members. While many fitness facilities offer this, what will set you apart from your competitors is amazing customer service. This lecture will provide many keys to unlocking your business potential through customer service.

Lunch will be provided.

Avoiding Legal Pitfalls: Growing Your Business and Reducing Liability Exposure
Tricia Schafer, JD
Learn to spot the small problems before they become major liability risks. Whether you’re an independent trainer, employee, or manager of a large facility, this overview of legal issues affecting the fitness industry will heighten your awareness and sharpen your risk-management skills so you can spend more time working with clients and growing your business, and less time putting out fires.

High Returns in a Low Economy— Marketing Strategies That Work!
Nicki Anderson
Now, more than ever, tighter budgets and lighter wallets have forced us to be creative when it comes to marketing our businesses. This session will offer some great, no-cost/low-cost universal marketing ideas so you can keep your name in front of potential customers.

Generating Clients/Customers Through Business Networking and Referrals
Derrick Wilburn, MBA
This session will explore, and hopefully get you comfortable with, the art of networking. You will be introduced to a variety of tools and techniques that demonstrate how to use individual styles to communicate, how to put people at ease and how to promote your business. Also, learn why referrals are the best form of business generation and walk away with four tactics to get referrals TODAY!

Growing Your Business in Spite of a Challenging Economy
Todd Durkin, MA
Yes! You can grow your business and increase profits in a depressed economy! In this enlightening session, you will get tips on how to improve your internal systems to increase efficiency, organization and profitability; create a competitive advantage and raving fans for life; and produce extraordinary results through effective time management. You will also walk away with “out of the box” strategies to create both active and passive income and ideas on how to foster a business culture that attracts clients. You won’t want to miss this practical AND inspirational presentation that is sure to re-energize you and provide you with countless ways to accelerate your business results.

A Certificate of Completion will be provided.

By Derrick Wilburn, MBA, Nicki Anderson, Todd Durkin, MA, Tricia Schafer, JD

Derrick Wilburn, MBA

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Nicki Anderson

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Todd Durkin, MA

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Tricia Schafer, JD

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