147: How We Can Save Our Industry: Putting the "R" Back Into Customer Service

Time Block C - Thursday, 10:15am-12:05pm
Session Format: Lecture

Our clubs always talk a great customer service game, but they do such a terrible job in delivering on their promises! With a club attrition rate of 26.7% in 2007, our clubs lost about 11.4 million members. That dropout rate is equivalent to about $85.1 million in lost membership revenue. This session will look at what fitness professionals and professional managers can do to reverse this trend by putting the "relationship" back into customer service.

Bob Esquerre, MA

IDEA Author/Presenter
Bob Esquerre, MA, is a world-renowned fitness business planner, and a leading educator, personal tra... more less

Jolyn Esquerre

IDEA Author/Presenter
Jolyn Esquerre brings 34 years of customer relationship management experience in the financial servi... more less