648: Group Rx: BOOT™ and Group Rx: WAR™

Time Block M1 - Saturday, 9:40-11:30am
Session Format: Workshop

Two great group Rx programs in one action-packed session! First, experience BOOT, a prechoreographed fusion of cardio, strength, balance and flexibility designed to shock the body and increase strength and heart/lung function. Learn how to customize BOOT by using partner drills and circuit training, and incorporating an almost endless array of exercise options! Next up is WAR, a prechoreographed kickbox program designed to push your cardio and strength into overdrive. An achievable blend of martial arts is matched with chart-topping hits in a workout that provides phenomenal results.

Wendy Dale, MS

IDEA Author/Presenter
Wendy Dale, MS, is Power Music?s Group Rx program coordinator, along with her husband Brad. She is a... more less

Kristen Livingston, MEd

IDEA Author/Presenter
Kristen Livingston, MEd, is the owner of KLivFit, a health coaching company designed to assist its c... more less