010: Gray Institute: Optimize Your Current Skills in 3-D L/WS

Thursday, 9:00am-6:00pm
Presented by: Gary Gray, PT, Doug Gray
Session Format: Preconference

This special preconference offering serves as an introduction to Gray Institute’s 3-D Matrix Performance Series. Simplified, it is a powerful strategy that facilitates positive and necessary change in one’s physical health and well-being by teaching and demonstrating techniques based on Applied Functional Science™.

What sets the Performance Series apart from other programs is that it consists of multiple matrices (each matrix is a three-dimensional movement) that are organized in a logical sequence and blended together to create purpose-driven exercises.

The concepts contained within this full-day workshop center on:
• Applied Functional Science—what it is and how it is used in real-life client interactions.
• Chain Reaction™ biomechanics—what are the anatomical drivers in movement and how the body responds to load.
• Tweakology™—the science of strategically and intentionally varying a specific exercise or activity for a desired purpose.
• Functional threshold—how it is defined and expanded by assigning intelligent exercise.

This powerful workshop introduces a philosophy and a system that helps trainers to blend scientific principles with practical techniques that result in the creation and management of environments that better serve all clients.

Participants will receive a CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION.

Lunch is on your own (1 hour).

By Gary Gray, PT, Doug Gray

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