007: Gray Institute: Foundations of Movement Training ( L/WS with certification)

Thursday, 12:00-6:30pm
Presented by: Lenny Parracino
Session Format: Lecture / Workshop

Gray Institute is pleased to offer a one-of-a-kind personal training/certification* course. Participate in individual modules that when combined will take you, the trainer, on an illuminating journey that shares authentic truths, provides transformational strategies and employs powerful techniques that are sure to enhance the lives of your clients.

The five modules include:

  1. An Overview of Applied Functional Science™ (AFS)
    AFS is the convergence and integration of the physical, biological and behavioral sciences. The concepts will expand your thinking and take you on a journey.
  2. Applied Functional Science Nomenclature: The Language of Movement
    AFS nomenclature is a language in which all movement can be accurately described and cataloged. It involves identifying and understanding the environments in which movement occurs and systematically arranging it into a format that allows you to recognize, comprehend and speak the same language.
  3. Chain Reaction™ Skeletal: Real Bone Motion Creates Relative Joint Motion
    Understanding both the real bone motion and the relative joint motion is critical to designing effective training and rehabilitation programs. Learn the difference between these two concepts and how one influences the other.
  4. Chain Reaction Functional Muscle Function: Beyond the Anatomical Model
    Because the human body functions as an integrated system, muscles have the capability to control a joint that they may not directly cross. Expanding our thinking beyond the anatomical model into the functional model opens up endless possibilities for the assessment and training of individual muscles while seeing how they are integrated into the total body system.
  5. Chain Reaction Proprioceptors: The Organizers of Coordinated Movement
    Examine the role proprioceptors play in coordinating functional movement, how to maximize muscle activation and how to modify training programs based on the characteristics of proprioceptors.
This preconference includes two short breaks and one 30-minute break.
Continuing education credits from other certification agencies are pending.

*IDEA attendees have two options when choosing this preconference offering.
  • Option 1: Earn a certificate of completion by taking the 8-hour training course.
  • Option 2: Earn a Gray Institute certification. If you select this option, you will receive this 8-hour course, as well as access to 11–12 hours of online video education (includes review, plus additional material not covered in this 8-hour course). Certification will be granted upon successful completion of an online exam.

By Lenny Parracino

Lenny Parracino

IDEA Author/Presenter
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