400: Gray Institute: Assessment and Solutions for the Thoracic Spine

Time Block M - Saturday, 4:00-5:50pm
Presented by: Lenny Parracino
Session Format: Workshop

The thoracic spine is a functional three-dimensional cage capable of reacting, compensating and causing significant reaction in all parts of the body. In fact, it is the CORE to core training. This course will cover a live demonstration of function, assessment and exercise recommendations specific to the thoracic spine. Explore the thoracic spine and its relationship to the whole client. This workshop encourages direct participation and interaction to enhance the ability to assess and address client function. It is designed for all fitness professionals and applies to all client populations.

Lenny Parracino

IDEA Author/Presenter
Lenny Parracino is a former author, hands on instructor and clinician for The National Academy o... more less