303: Functional Posture and Core Exercises for the Aging Spine

Time Block E - Saturday, 8:45-11:35am
Presented by: Shari Kalkstein
Session Format: Workshop

Gain insight and understanding into some of the physical changes that occur in the spines of older adults. Several degenerative conditions, as well as osteoporosis, will be briefly discussed along with how to address them through appropriate/safe posture and abdominal/core strengthening exercises. Actual exercises performed by adults over 70 will be viewed and discussed, followed by a lab where attendees will practice what they have learned so that they can adopt and adapt the exercises for their clients back home.


Shari Kalkstein

IDEA Author/Presenter
Shari Kalkstein is the owner of Fortify Your Frame, Inc., an exercise program geared toward establis... more less