405: From the R-KAIDE™ to the Aerobics Room: Video Games Get Active

Time Block K - Saturday, 8:00-9:50am
Session Format: Workshop

Exergames (like Nintendo® Wii™) have inspired a whole new audience to fitness-people who seek entertaining game play while reaping the health benefits of exercise. Come experience R-KAIDE™, the first video arcade-inspired group fitness class, and learn how to get started. Find out how exergames are being integrated into schools, health clubs and recreation centers to increase physical activity, and discover how easily you can leverage this cultural phenomenon into new programming for your facility. Game on!

Biray Alsac, MS

IDEA Author/Presenter
Biray Alsac, MS, is the owner of FITTmaxx Institute, a consulting company for health organizations a... more less

Fred Hoffman, MEd

IDEA Author/Presenter
Fred Hoffman, MEd, holds a master’s degree in health education and is the director of internationa... more less