011: Focus on Fitness Management—Success Through Synergy (For All Program Directors and Fitness Managers)

Wednesday, 8:30am-5:30pm
Presented by: Bob Esquerre, MA, Darren Jacobson, Focus on Fitness Management Team, Lawrence Biscontini, MA, PJ O'Clair, Sherri McMillan, MS
Session Format: Preconference

The most successful clubs and programs are those that successfully manage the total member experience by providing exemplary training and service. In order to do this well, it makes sense that the group exercise and personal training communities must work together. This preconference session offers real information and strategies for creating and nurturing synergistic relationships between these two crucial segments within our industry. We will discuss proven ways to get whole departments to work together; the importance of cross- training our teams and developing universal skill sets; the dollars and cents of fitness and how it relates to running a profitable enterprise; and how to inspire excellence so your members have no other choice but to stay with you and sing your praises!


Managing the Member/Client Experience
Bob Esquerre, MA
What happens to our clubs, to our students, to our clients and to our professional careers if we successfully manage the member experience? We can “recession proof” the fitness industry! Our clubs will make at least an additional $97.9 million per year; as fitness professionals, we will make at least an additional $12.7 million per year; and our members/clients will get better results! Join Bob as he sets the business tone for 2009 and beyond!

Fostering Cooperation and Synergy Among the Whole Team
Sherri McMillan, MSc
It may be surprising to learn that most personal trainers don’t like the other trainers they work with. And often there’s a “disconnect” between the group exercise team and the training team. As your fitness staff grows, egos begin to clash and personality conflicts surface. Managers are left with high staff turnover and other human resource nightmares,leaving us drained with little to no energy left to work on enhancing and developing a department. This session will guide you through the leadership skills that need to be developed to get each individual on your team performing at their best while ensuring ultimate cooperation. Walk away with fun team-building drills and rewards that empower, connect and inspire your team toward a common vision.

Hybrid Trainers—The Wave of the Future
PJ O’Clair
What happens when you combine the skill set of a group exercise instructor with the skill set of a personal trainer or private Pilates instructor? What you have is the new “hybrid” fitness professional who will make more money for themselves and the clubs, help retain members, and provide more results-based programming options for consumers. To date, the hybrid professional has never truly been identified, embraced, or even recognized as a true commodity in the marketplace today. This session will identify the skill set necessary to cultivate this new hybrid professional in your facility.

Lunch 12:45–1:30pm (Lunch will be provided)

Solving Problems and Sharing Solutions (Facilitated Roundtable Discussions)
Focus on Fitness Management Team
As fitness managers, we all encounter many of the same challenges. Wouldn’t it be nice to share those challenges in a nonthreatening environment and affect real change? This special segment of the Focus on Fitness Management preconference session will give you the opportunity to dissect the many issues that most managers face, discuss possible solutions to those problems and walk away with a clearer vision of how to troubleshoot and problem solve on your own.

The Real Bottom Line: Understanding Profit
Darren Jacobson
As personal trainer and group exercise managers, do we fully understand the role and responsibility of our departments and the real impact they can have in our facilities? This session will look at global business models relating to personal training, and incentive structures for retaining trainers. We will also discuss the infrastructure that exists in many group exercise department models and ways to turn your department into a highly-driven, customer-focused potential profit center.

Cream Rises: Promoting Excellence Among Instructors and Trainers
Lawrence Biscontini, MA
Great managers know how to empower their teams to achieve maximum results. This enlightening session will explore the many techniques you can use with your staff to take them from good to great! In addition, you will get tips on how you can help them sharpen their technical skills, be respected fitness ambassadors in the community, attract media attention for your club, and most importantly, encourage their professional growth.


Lunch is included in the registration fee.
A Certificate of Completion will be provided.

By Bob Esquerre, MA, Darren Jacobson, Focus on Fitness Management Team, Lawrence Biscontini, MA, PJ O'Clair, Sherri McMillan, MS

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Focus on Fitness Management Team

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Focus on Fitness Management Team

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