291: Female Chain Reaction-Inner Pelvic Core

Time Block I - Friday, 2:45-4:35pm
Session Format: Workshop

If you work with women in any stage of life, you need to understand all the biomechanical components and learn about the inner female chain reaction. We'll explore the pelvic core neuromuscular (PCN) system, inner stretch matrices for the pelvic girdle, core and pelvic floor, as well as exercise integration. We'll also examine how pregnancy influences the PCN system, the impact of incontinence on exercise, the inner self-perception and much more.

Christina Christie, PT

IDEA Author/Presenter
Christina Christie, PT, is the president of Pelvic Solutions, LLC and inventor of the Pelvicore͐... more less

Rich Colosi, DPT

IDEA Author/Presenter
Rich Colosi, PT, DPT, has a bachelor of science degree with a double major in IO/OD psychology and s... more less