330: Feldenkrais® for Performance: Building Awareness

Time Block J - Saturday, 2:30-4:20pm
Presented by: Stacy Barrows, PT
Session Format: Movement / Lecture

You know that proper form is the key to optimal athletic performance. But maintaining correct alignment, body position, balance and breathing during exercise requires a well-developed kinesthetic sensibility that does not come naturally to everyone. Discover how the Feldenkrais Method&reg cultivates movement awareness, enabling both athletes and weekend warriors to achieve dynamic functional posture, eliminate counterproductive muscular tension and promote graceful, efficient movement. Repeated as session 410.


Stacy Barrows, PT

IDEA Author/Presenter
STACY BARROWS is a Doctor of Physical Therapy, certified FeldenkraisĀ® practitioner, and PMA Pilates... more less