224: Eating for Energy and Performance

Time Block F - Saturday, 2:15-4:05pm
Session Format: Lecture

Did you know we eat approximately 50,000,000 calories in our lifetime? If you're an athlete, hope you're hungry, because you need a lot more! There's a huge difference between intake for fitness and intake for athletic endeavors. We will discuss steps for specific nutrient timing, calorie intake, caloric quantities, helping hormones and the role of phytoestrogens, probiotics and antioxidants for rookies and pros. Understand how these elements play a vital role in attaining optimal health. Sports nutrition is the core component to any program, so learn the strategies and preparation that will give you the advantage you work so hard to achieve!

Scott Josephson, MS, RD

IDEA Author/Presenter
Scott Josephson, MS, RD Scott Josephson, MS, RD, is the director of operations at Hippocrates Health... more less