120: Core Off the Floor

Time Block B - Friday, 8:45-10:35am
Presented by: Shannon Fable
Session Format: Workshop

Tired of endless crunches? Then let's take the Core Off the Floor! Remove the crunches, get off the mat and put medicine balls, tubing and BOSU(r) Ballast(r) Balls in your hands! Learn to twist and turn, lift, shift and shake, or throw and catch while engaging muscles so deep you'll wonder what your core training has done for you all these years. Explore traditional, and not so traditional, training movements that allow you to sneak core training into almost any setting simply by switching intention. Focus will be on cuing, execution and innovation. Exercises are multiplanar, multidirectional and multi-effective.

Shannon Fable

IDEA Author/Presenter
Shannon (Griffiths) Fable is the 2006 ACE Instructor of the Year and a master trainer for Nautilus I... more less