106: Club Spotlight: Climb-Max by Equinox®

Time Block A - Thursday, 7:00-7:45am
Session Format: Workout

Join Team Equinox for this exciting, innovative and extremely effective cardio/strength circuit workout featuring the SPRI® Slanted Riser™. Ramp up your traditional circuit and group strength class by utilizing the slanted risers in two different positions, creating both a 17-degree and 25-degree incline to add variety and intensity to your training program. So start climbing and start seeing results!

Mark Hendricks

IDEA Author/Presenter
Mark Hendricks teaches exclusively for Equinox fitness clubs where he is the group fitness manager a... more less

Paul Katami

IDEA Author/Presenter
Paul Katami is a group fitness manager for Equinox fitness clubs and has brought the Katami techniqu... more less