123: Cashing in on Corrective Exercise

Time Block B1 - Friday, 12:20-1:20pm (Special Time)
Session Format: Lecture

Special time: 12:20–1:20pm. Current industry trend reports indicate that trainers who are proficient in the area of corrective exercise are in greater demand than ever before. This business–oriented session is ideal for those who want to implement corrective exercise strategies and programs, but aren't sure where to begin. Trainers who are uniquely qualified to work with the increasing number of people who are seeking relief from muscle and joint pain are in a position to reap the financial rewards associated with corrective exercise programming.


Mary Bratcher, MA

IDEA Author/Presenter
Mary Bratcher, MA, is a life coach who specializes in small business development and resolution of p... more less

Justin Price, MA

IDEA Author/Presenter
Justin Price, MA, is the creator of The BioMechanics Method, which provides corrective exercise educ... more less