642: BOSU®: Mobility and Stability for Active Aging

Time Block D - Friday, 2:00-4:50pm
Session Format: Workshop

Learn exercises, sequences, drills and skills perfect for the gentle exerciser and active aging market. Moving through the body's functional positions for activities of daily life, this workshop will explore how the BOSU can provide assistance, resistance, cushioning and stimulus to amplify the impact for this important and growing market. Help your clients build functional strength, face their fear of falling, learn various ways to get up and down, move more efficiently through the entire kinetic chain, and make all of their daily movements easier to do!

Lawrence Biscontini, MA

IDEA Author/Presenter
Lawrence Biscontini, MA, has established fitness history by winning multiple Instructor of the Year ... more less

Bernadette O'Brien, MA

IDEA Author/Presenter