224: BOSU® Amped!

Time Block F - Friday, 4:30-6:20pm
Presented by: Amy Dixon, Rob Glick
Session Format: Workshop

BOSU® training just got caffeinated! Come experience brand-new exercises, sequences and drills designed to amplify the energy and the results! Full of hard-core training and hard-core fun, this workshop will leave you with solo, partner and team exercises that can be done with just one BOSU Balance Trainer per person. You will even learn some new and easy ways to incorporate the BOSU Ballast Ball (or a stability ball) into your BOSU workouts. Simple, unique and full of creativity, this workshop will get you Amped!

Amy Dixon

IDEA Author/Presenter
Amy Dixon is one of the most dynamic fitness instructors and Master Trainers in the industry today. ... more less

Rob Glick

IDEA Author/Presenter
Rob is the Senior Director of Programming and Innovation for Large Group, Small Group, Yoga and Cycl... more less