249: Balanced Body Fit: Essential Exercises for the Upper Body

Time Block D - Thursday, 8:10-10:00am
Presented by: Nico Gonzalez, the BB Fit Team
Session Format: Workshop

Are you ready to approach upper body training in a completely different way? Take a new look with BB Fit, a system of movement principles and essential exercises designed to help you build a successful training program for any client, in any environment. Using a variety of small equipment including resistance bands, rollers and small balls, we will explore each principle on different equipment to provide you with tools you can use no matter what equipment you might have. Learn exercise sequences that will provide an array of programming options for personal training and small group formats, as well as mat classes.

Nico Gonzalez

IDEA Author/Presenter
Nico Gonzalez is an international fitness educator with over 25 years of teaching experience. As a ... more less

the BB Fit Team

IDEA Author/Presenter