381: QiFORZE™ (Formerly named Batuka® Force)

Time Block I - Saturday, 10:30am-12:20pm
Presented by: Leigh Crews, Team QiDance
Session Format: Workshop

Original, fun and functional! QiFORZE is conditioning for the way you move, bridging the gap between pre-choreographed and freestyle. Leigh Crews and the QiFORZE Team will preview the unique class structure and take you through a real-life, total-body workout that rocks to the beat of original world music. Synergistic muscle force is the foundation of movement. QiFORZE targets movement patterns that make you stronger, more powerful and more coordinated. Network your muscles and elevate your body to a higher plane of training.
By Leigh Crews, Team QiDance

Leigh Crews

IDEA Author/Presenter
Leigh Crews is the IDEA Fitness Instructor of the Year award winner for 2011 and the founder of Dyna... more less

Team QiDance

IDEA Author/Presenter