397: Assessment and Problem Solving for the Hip

Time Block M - Friday, 2:45-4:35pm
Presented by: Lenny Parracino
Session Format: Workshop

This hands-on workshop will address the functional anatomy of the hip and explore useful assessment techniques that health professionals can use to determine the action of the hip and its chain reaction throughout the whole body.  Attendees will gain an understanding of the expected biomechanical reactions of movement as well as some of the common compensations. Based upon the findings from these assessments, program design strategies can then be created to successfully address the issues and goals of the client.  After attending this session, attendees will view movement from an entirely different perspective and develop a new thought process for program design and exercise prescription.

Lenny Parracino

IDEA Author/Presenter
Lenny Parracino holds a certification/license to practice soft tissue therapy and is a certified pro... more less