327: Pick Me, Pick Me

Time Block K - Sunday, 10:05-11:55am
Presented by: Mindy Mylrea
Session Format: Lecture

Did you ever wonder how the person you see on TV or in a fitness DVD got where they are? Ever see a new fitness gadget and think to yourself, "hey I thought of that idea," or wish that person was you in front of the camera or the one creating the next fitness craze? Well here is the crash course in helping you to determine what you want, what you need to know, who you need to know, and planning your strategy on how to break into the fitness media business. CEC: ACE 0.2

Mindy Mylrea

IDEA Author/Presenter
Mindy Mylrea is the owner of FitFlix Productions and the creator of Gliding™, the gliding discs... more less