651: 3 Men. 3 Steps. More Fun Than a 3–Ring Circus!

Time Block P - Saturday, 9:40-11:30am
Session Format: Workshop

Step right up for the greatest step show on Earth! Neil, Michael and Greg enter their three-ring circus with each showcasing a different step modality. Ring 1 contains choreography king Neil at his creative, show-stopping best. Ring 2 sees amazing feats of strength and agility with Michael’s athletic step training, and Ring 3 has Greg performing death-defying acts of showmanship and interpretation that will leave you spellbound. Choreography, training and presentation wrapped up in one, three-ring spectacle not to be missed.

Michael Steel

IDEA Author/Presenter
Michael Steel is the director of international business for Total Gym®and a program director for... more less

Neil Bates

IDEA Author/Presenter
Neil has been in the fitness industry for over 18 years and currently is the master trainer for www.... more less

Greg Sellar

IDEA Author/Presenter
Australian-born Greg was named International Fitness Presenter of the Year 2010 at the International... more less