337: 3-D Matrix Performance Series: Advanced Balance and Jump Training

Time Block J - Friday, 8:20-10:10am
Presented by: Doug Gray, Gary Gray, PT
Session Format: Workshop

Jumping is an action that has implications in everything we do. Squatting, walking, running and lunging all include some component of jumping. It is a point of focus in sport, yet there are many questions that arise, such as… Is your jump training preparing you to execute activities more efficiently? Is it properly sequenced to be safe and guarantee success? Or are you setting your clients up for future injury? In this dynamic session, we’ll discuss the concept of functional threshold as well as experience the Jump-Jop-Hop Explosion workout, a workout that trains the body’s muscles and joints to load and explode in order to facilitate a different Chain Reaction™, thereby adding variety and functionality to the workout.

Doug Gray

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Gary Gray, PT

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