220: Keiser® Cycling: M3 Power

Time Block G - Saturday, 9:35-11:25am
Presented by: Suzette O'Byrne
Session Format: Workshop

This module provides instructors with the tools to control power (the amount of work done in a given amount of time by a cyclist). You will learn how to effectively instruct your students to manipulate power using speed, resistance and intensity. Through these techniques, you and your students will have the ability to power up your ride. Repeated as session 240. CEC: ACE 0.2 NASM CGT 0.2 NASM CPT 0 AFAA 1.5 NSCA-CSCS 0 NSCA-CPT 0 AEA 1

Suzette O'Byrne

IDEA Author/Presenter
Suzette O’Byrne has been a group cycling master trainer with Keiser since 1996 and is a registered... more less