209: A Unique Look at Spinal Stability

Time Block F - Saturday, 7:30-9:20am
Presented by: Greg Roskopf, MA
Session Format: Lecture

As a trainer, you recognize the significance of abdominal strengthening. However, many clients continue to demonstrate instability in the core or complain of back or SI-joint pain with the most well-designed core training programs. In this class, you will be given tools to assess core stability and we'll look at how imbalances in the hips, legs and feet can contribute to instability in the core. Get a leg up on core stability training. CEC: ACE 0.2 NASM CGT 0.2 NASM CPT 0 .2 AFAA 2.0 NSCA-CSCS 0.2 NSCA-CPT 0.2 AEA 1

Greg Roskopf, MA

IDEA Author/Presenter
Greg Roskopf, MA, is the owner and developer of Muscle Activation Techniques™ (MAT) in Denver, Col... more less