115: Back in Action: Contributing Factors and Corrective Exercise for Low Back Pain

Time Block B - Friday, 8:15-10:05am
Presented by: Eric Beard, MS
Session Format: Workshop

Back pain and injury impairs the function of your core muscles and therefore the function of your entire body. We will discuss how this occurs, common compensations that can lead to back pain and learn corrective exercise strategies to improve the functional status of your client's low back. CEC: ACE 0.2 NASM CGT 0.2 NASM CPT 0.2 AFAA 1.5 NSCA-CSCS 0 NSCA-CPT 0.2 AEA 1

Eric Beard, MS

IDEA Author/Presenter
Eric Beard, MS, is a senior master instructor for the National Academy of Sports Medicine for which ... more less