110: Keiser® Cycling: M3 Geared Up

Time Block B - Friday, 8:15-10:05am
Presented by: Suzette O'Byrne
Session Format: Workshop

This action-packed module will utilize numerous training techniques taken directly from the road. In this module, you will ride away with a stronger understanding of cycling elements such as time trailing, drafting and pedal stroke, and how to apply them in the classroom. This will connect indoor cycling to the work of outdoor cycling, bringing your experience to a whole new level. CEC: ACE 0.2 NASM CGT 0.2 NASM CPT 0 AFAA 1.5 NSCA-CSCS 0 NSCA-CPT 0 AEA 1

Suzette O'Byrne

IDEA Author/Presenter
Suzette O’Byrne has been a group cycling master trainer with Keiser since 1996 and is a registered... more less