461: GRAVITY®:: Amplified Resistance

Time Block J - Sunday, 9:40-11:30am
Presented by: Rob Glick, Kimberly Spreen
Session Format: Workshop

What’s intense, exciting, lightning fast and works? Learn to create a muscular endurance full-body group workout on the GTS® by efi Sports Medicine! Pull your way to enhanced muscle development, core stability and increased joint range of motion. Learn how using body weight as resistance against gravity individualizes workouts and how you can amplify resistance in a brand-new, time-efficient way! Repeated as session #311.

Rob Glick

IDEA Author/Presenter
Rob Glick is an internationally-acclaimed fitness professional and a professional fitness consultant... more less

Kimberly Spreen

IDEA Author/Presenter
Kimberly Spreen is the national director of group fitness and education for Life Time Fitness, a pre... more less