218: Experience Nordic Walking in San Diego

Time Block E-1- - Saturday, 7:00-10:00am (Special Time)
Session Format: Workshop
- Overlaps Time Block E, F

Experience the connection between the upper and lower body as you increase cardiorespiratory endurance, muscular strength and muscular endurance while increasing mobility in the upper extremities and adding stability to your walking program. Discover what the Finland fitness buffs have know for years—Nordic Walking can change the lives of your students and clients.

Malin Svensson, MS

IDEA Author/Presenter
Malin Svensson, MS, is the president of Nordic Walking USA and has been featured in The L.A. Times, ... more less

Robert Sherman

IDEA Author/Presenter
Robert Sherman is president and owner of F.I.T., Inc., as well as the group fitness manager for Life... more less