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Another year has come and gone.  Some of us made resolutions for 2010.  Some of us held true and most of us didn't.  Most New Year's resolutions are way beyond tangible and we give up.  This year make a resolution to shoot for your goals,  but in small, doable steps...

Happy New Year's Resolutions

Come January 1, New Year’s resolutions abound, and getting started on an exercise routine and losing weight are on the top of the list.  

Vitamin D ~ How important is it?

Research suggests some people may not get enough vitamin D. Deficiencies have been linked to certain conditions including brittle bones and cancer. While our bodies make vitamin D when skin is exposed to the sun, you can also eat your vitamin D. Here are some good sources:Serving Size % Daily ValueChinook (Salmon) 4 oz. 69Shrimp 4 oz. 27Sardines 3.25 oz. 422% Milk 1 cup 16

Even I'm human

Here it is Jan.

Goal Setting In 2011

Hello Everyone,

Post-Holiday Fitness Classes!

Hope everyone had a great holiday!Don't forget the Winter Schedule begins this upcoming Monday Jan 3rd - you can find it online at I will be teaching a special FREE class at the Winter Jam

New Ski Conditioning Class Times for 2011

Jonny Moseley Olympic Ski Conditioning Program will begin again January 10, 2011 with new class times: 6am Mondays and Thursdays and 11am Saturdays! This 6-week intensive ski conditioning program was designed by Olympic Gold Medalist, Jonny Moseley, and his trainer, Patrick Caron. $450 Drop in rate available: $30 Sign up with: Steven Beasley, Specialty Programming Director direct line: 858.369.3222 e-mail:

First 2011 Slim in 7 Start Up!

I'm super excited to be coaching the 9am group in PAC's most successful weight loss and conditioning program, Slim in 7!  We start up again January 11, 2011.    Sign up with: Steven Beasley, Specialty Programming Director direct line: 858.369.3222 e-mail:

Happy New You!!

Planning meals is a major help when trying to lose or maintain weight. I recommend joining the Eating Well Interactive Meal Planner http://tools.eatingwell.comYou start by determining your BMI. *Please note that this will not be an accurate representation of your BMI because it does not take into consideration your lean mass (muscle). It may also tell you that to lose weight you need to eat 1200 calories. Do not listen to this. Ask me to help you determine how many calories you need to lose weight. ***

Happy New Year!

I love a fresh start! Good bye to the old and hello to the new! Let's make 2011 the best year ever. No matter what circumstances bring us, we can push forward in the right direction. Rather it be a fitness goal, a diet goal or just a state-of-mind goal, every day is an opportunity to take a step towards a better you. Even if it's the tiniest little step....celebrate it. Here's to awesome fitness, a healthful diet and a centered state-of-mind!  Check back often for helpful fitness tips for loosing weight, strengthening muscles & bones, and much more.