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This is why I LOVE my job!

Job satisfaction is defined as “positive attitude or emotional state resulting from the appraisal of one’s job or job experience (Landy, F. J., & Conte, J. M., 2009).” 


LET'S GET TOUGH ( Scroll down for training templates)

Burning the most amount of calories during exercise

Just going to the gym and getting on the treadmill will not necessarily help you to lose weight. It will help your general fitness and health, but to successfully lose weight, you need to work out at a heart rate level that is going to burn the most amount of calories and improve your anaerobic endurance. I do support working out within your heart rate zones with a heart rate monitor. Using the cardiovascular machine to estimate calories is not a good indicator. Many times, these computers only take in account averages based on your height and weight.

Augie Nieto ~

I attended the 2014 IDEA World Fitness Conference in August. One keynote speaker was a man named Augie Nieto, the founder of LifeFitness, the machines you find in many gyms. In 2005 Augie was diagnosed with ALS. Rebounding through despair, he founded ‘Augie’s Quest’ with the sole purpose of finding a cure for ALS. His inspirational words struck and stayed with me, “You can mourn what you can’t do or celebrate what you can… I choose to CELEBRATE!” 

Exercise more than the average American

It is estimated that more than 75% of the American adult population does not partake, on a daily basis, in 30 minutes of low-to-moderate physical activity. See, how easy it is to be above the curve. You can start improving your health and fitness by walking 20-30 minutes 3 times a week. Sometimes, people think that you have to go to the gym, do impossible exercises and go home sore to get into better health, but that's not true. If you change one small thing about yourself every week that involves eating better or exercising more, you can have success.

100 Workouts in Eight Months by J.B.!

I have been training J.B. since January 2014 to meet strength goals, and coaching him on his knee replacement rehabilitation. This amazing man made it a personal goal to work out diligently three times per week with the program(s) I designed for him. He achieved 100 workouts in the 8 months since our first appointment. Here he is doing a Low Row, wearing the badge that I made for him to acknowledge his good work. He has seen all kinds of improvements since he started working out. You can too!

Never, EVER, give up!

So life sometimes get's in the way of my workouts. I mean, it is life. This weekend I was asked to go to Chicago for a meeting of Freemasons, something I am very involved in.

Teach your children carefully!

Easy? Really?

Congrats kids!