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Looking back at 2010! Day 11/70 of SSS2011

It's a month into 2011 and I am finally getting my new year mojo cranked up!!

Eat Less!!!

Losing weight is simple.  Calories in versus Calories out  Are you aware of how much you're really consuming?  Check your diet!  

Leading With Our Hearts

Posture & breath are 2 important components of yoga. Proper posture can help improve our breathing. Slouching causes shallow breathing, causing us to feel tired & sluggish. Simply aligning feet & knees, knees & hips, hips & shoulders, shoulders & ears can reinvigorate our bodies. Lengthening through the spine helps keep our abdominal muscles from sagging. Lifting our chests opens our lungs & helps our breathing. Aligning our heads through, to the top, helps our brains function. Recieving freshly oxyginated blood through our bodies improves our performance.

Everyone struggles.

I used to think that once I became a Personal Trainer I would never have to worry about my diet or eating habits again.  I figured that would come naturally.  I couldn't have been more wrong!  Some days I do great and some days I eat cookies for breakfast...and workout like crazy later.  Exercising is much easier for me than trying to control my diet.  For the most part, staying active comes naturally and this definitely helps to keep me slim and in shape.  It's those darn eating habits that get me off track.   


Hey everyone, this is my first Blogging attempt! I will do my best to stay up on this and I would love your feedback. I will post what's up at Nspired Fitness Studio (NFS) and keep you updated. I would like this to be a place where we can have fun and discuss current diet, workout trends. I would be happy to answer any fitness question you might have. If you can think of something you would like me to highlight, feel free to shoot me a message. I would love to have you join one of my current classes and/or let me know of another class you would be interested in.


Back To Basics

Snowed in? You can still workout!

Still want to exercise even though there are no Group Fitness classes today at DePaul?Put your shovel away for 15 minutes and keep your fitness routine on track! No equipment needed!If you want a 30 minute routine, repeat the entire sequence. Hat, scarf and gloves not required :)*Make sure to warm-up with marching or similar cardio activity for 3-5 minutes then stretch before beginning

Strength Training > Cardio (For Weight Loss)

Andrea King, a

5 Ways to be Your Own Personal Trainer

www.meganmerchant.comYou may be having trouble finding time to exercise much less hire and pay for sessions with a trainer at a different location.  Here are tips to help you progress while working out on your own:

How Many Hours in a Day Can a Personal Trainer Work and Still be Effective?

This is a question that I've been recently pondering over and over in my head. Yesterday (Feb 2nd, 2011), I took the morning and early afternoon off from my career as a personal trainer. This eliminated 7-8 clients or sessions and left with me with one in the mid to late afternoon. Let me tell you: this left me feeling very energized and refreshed.