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Running two day's on the interview, September 10 and 11.

September 10.9 a.m. - breakfast, preparing meal "to go" (cold turkey, raisins, apples).10 30 a.m. - have looking for a bus in Larchmont.11 a.m. - have boarded.12 p.m. - Larchmont.I have cannot find New York Sports Club there!After a few minutes I have realized that I have reach Marmaroneck already!12 p.m. - 1 p.m. - brisk walking from Marmaroneck to the Larchmont.1 30 p.m. - 2.p.m.Interview.2 p.m. - 3 p.m.brisk walking to the New Rochelle.Lunch in the Park.3 30 p.m. -boarding to the bus.

A Healthy Mix of Rest and Motion

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CrossCore180® Club Packs for Group Training and Functional Training

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NATIONAL POSTURE INSTITUTE (NPI) Functional Capacity Testing Software

NATIONAL POSTURE INSTITUTE (NPI) Functional Capacity Testing Software 

Getting Started!


Summer is really over?

I guess you make summer what it is for you...when the temperatures drop to where you need a jacket and it consistently stays that way, otherwise, it's still summer for me.  Maybe that's how we treat taking care of ourselves too.  Keep delaying the regimen we once were on with exercise because it's not going to make a difference or have a negative affect on the body.  The body renews itself on a daily basis and just as the seasons go through a preparation from summer to fall with the change of temperature, we must help our bodies prepare too.  It does start me

Homemade Clean Protein Bars

I have a lot of followers and clients asking me how I make my protein bars. I love making my own protein bars because I know what is in them and I use all natural ingredients.  I put them individually in sandwhich bags, throw them in the freezer and then they are a quick grab and go snack! Please keep in mind that I estimate a lot of my ingredients and each time I make them I change the extra add-in's. 

What is possible when we thrive?

As I browsed the pages of facebook this morning I see post after post of my clients who are rising to the challenge of resisting the seemingly inevitable demise associated with aging.  While it is certainly true that we will change as we get older, the most important factor in the health, vitality, and ultimately in the quality of our lives is not locked away in our DNA.

Fitness Boot Camps - Are they for you?

HOOAH!  We are ramping up to kick off another session of Urban Boot Camp (UBC) October 1st.  UBC's 10th session is a big deal for me!  The first session consisted of 7 recruits and was an  0430-0530 Hrs, Mon-Fri, 4 week event.   We have reached numbers of 20-24 strong which equates to the number of recruits in a 'real platoon'!