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Forget the Flowers- Give Your Mom Her Youth Back!

“You’re only as old as your spine is flexible.”                                    -Joseph Pilates 

Culinary Bike Tours

I am excited to introduce you to Nneka Okonkwo, chef, author and owner of "Culinary Bike Tours". This unique food and bike touring company here in Denver offers fun, educational tours with gourmet cuisine. She also offers cooking classes, in home cooking services, prepared meals and other personal meal services. Please keep her in mind when looking for any of these services. You will be pleasantly surprised!

Liquefying Fat Cells


TRX Training and Golf Fitness Trainer

I just love the TRX suspension training system that we have at Buck and Goodson Recreation Centers! Double straps made of webbing are suspended from high up on the wall, and various hand and foot holds make body weight resistance exercises very challenging.

Gym Etiquette

 Here it is well over the turn of the century and I find myself in the annoying position to have to address such a topic.  Is it me or have people become way to over zealous in the gym? Has gym etiquette evaporated into the air ducts behind the gym walls? I know the blood and testosterone is flowing and heart rates are up but is it really necessary to throw weights, be rude or inconsiderate? Who are these people? You'd think they were training for the Olympics, with all the grunting and groaning going on.


Did you ever over-analyze something so much that you talk yourself right out of the obvious answer? In your head you know what you should do but you keep thinking that you are missing something and analyze it to death.

Movie Star!

See any good movies lately? I loved Soul Surfer...except when she got her arm bit off by the shark. Nasty. Consider this. What if someone could take a film of all of your thoughts today and then write them down so you could read them in the form of a script? How would that read? What would it be rated? Could you share it with your kids? After reading it, would you and others feel energized or down and depressed? 


I read an article today in the NYTimes about mood versus exercise. It was based on rats in a research project and how they reacted to exercise. My personal opinion is exercise is a HUGE factor in my emotional health. I always feel better, am happier and my being is boosted following exercise. On those days (rare!) that I miss a workout, I feel the void. It is emotional!!! 

30 Day Wellness Challenge - Anyone Can Participate!!

With summer fast approaching, and many of us dreading shedding the winter clothes and stepping out into summer fashion, I am reaching out to all my friends and offering you the opportunity to participate in a very effective wellness and weight loss challenge that I have put together. I have used this program on my clients and seen them lose anywhere from 5-13 lbs in their first month!I want to start my first ever 30 Days to Wellness Shakeology Challenge!

Get a fitness plan

yesterday I met a few teachers at a nearby school who wanted a fitness plan for their needs.  It was great to talk with them and to learn what their goals were and the obstacles that they want to overcome to achieve their fitness goals.  Consider just talking to a personal trainer if you feel you are at a plateau in your fitness routine or just need some movtivation to get you on the path to fitness!