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CrossCore® Training Straps – Easily attach kettlebells, dumbbells, sandbags and more.

 CrossCore® Training Straps – Easily attach kettlebells, dumbbells, sandbags and more to your CrossCore® Rotational Bodyweight Trainer™ for doing more traditional isolation movements.

Let's get skinny!

Hey everyone, thanks for reading my blog. Summer slim down class is at Sunset park tonight in Cohoes at 6:15pm (thats right around the corner from Joes Tavern). If you come to a few of these classes a week, you will see results. NO DOUBT ABOUT IT. You have time, grab a bottle of water, a pair of light dumbbells and I'll see you down there. We'll make a difference and you will be proud of yourself. Come on down, you can do it!

Day One

Even though this transformational journey began about 16 months ago with quitting my marketing job at Barilla, I am considering this day one.  In order to keep yourself in the game you constantly have to reinvent what success looks like and how you will continue to move forward and challenge your knowledge and choices.

Heat and humidity are back, July 23.

3 p.m. - 2 slices swiss cheese, watermelon.4 p.m. - 5 p.m.Run.I completely have forgotten to drink water before activity, and it have felt immediately after start.I have underestimated weather, too (still thinking that outside not humid)Van Cortlandt Park have been almost empty, difficult to breeze.I quickly have run to the nearest waterfountain to drink and have wet my hair.Now it is possible to run, and I have gradually increased speed.Interval sprints.50 m sprint, then 200 m walks.4 times.Running an incline.250 m at 1/2 speed.4 times.

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Let's put the BASICS Back IN

It use to be we'd move around during the day, just little stuff like not sitting in front of the computer, not playing Scramble on our iPods while lying in bed, not watching hours and hours of TV, not driving constantly while eating, we did our own gardening and house cleaning, we bagged our own groceries and actually carried them to the car, we bought real food, not fast food.  We use to move around all day~~PLUS WorkoutNow we sit all day and don't want to work out. And look at what's happened to our obesity rate. 

the next 3+ weeks!!

HI!! I have 25 days until a fun photoshoot on August goal is to be more photoshoot ready than I am now. More fit, more lean and more confident in my body. I took photos and stats yesterday since it was my first official day of "Buffing" this month. Here are a few of the shots- 

49 years old and still growing :-)

MOTIVATION: "Stop looking and holding on your past because it can tie you down with the impossible. Instead, focus on the future by making today count." - John Diego TAKE AWAY: Whatever is in the past, serves the purpose to strengthen your walk and experiences that lies ahead in the future. The reward of your FUTURE, you will surely reap if you FAIL not to keep GROWING. The FUTURE awaits the possibilities, we desire + are determined to CREATE. 

Progressive Relaxation Techniques for Stress Management — Part of a Pilates Instructor’s Teaching Arsenal

Have you ever had a client arrive for a Pilates session completely stressed out?  What did you do to help?  Perhaps you started the session with focused breathing or movement; but sometimes the client might still not be able to focus or relax enough to get the full benefits of a Pilates exercise session.  As the American economy continues to struggle, more and more people are complaining and getting sick physically and emotionally from too much stress.  We are an overstressed nation.  The American Psychological Association’s study on stress statistics includes