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Your body's Composition is Primarily H20

The National Posture Institute (NPI) Hosting a Posture Workshop at Galter Lifecenter (Chicago,IL-July 13-14 2012)-Earn CECs/CEUs

The National Posture Institute (NPI) will be hosting a two-day workshop titled, “Posture Analysis and Correction” at the Galter Lifecenter in Chicago,IL (July 13-14, 2012). The workshop will be held at 11:00 am-5:00 pm on both days. NPI’s Posture Analysis Workshop is usually well attended and expectations are that the workshop will be sold out.

Why did you chose Zumba?

The number one question everyone asks: Why do you love Zumba so much? Well, Zumba comforted me after losing my father. My father died of a sudden heart attack in November 2010. After his death, I did not know what would make me feel whole again. The closeness we shared was so special. After my mother died, he rasied me and supported me through all my trials and tribulations. So, I took a Zumba Basic 1 class in March 2011, and realized my love of dance still existed! Since then, I have gotten licensed in Aqua Zumba, Zumba Basic 2, and Zumba Toning. Thanks Zumba! 

Harnessing Personal Strength!

 Harnessing personal strengthWhat’s strong vs. what’s wrongby CONNIE ARONSON 

Gym interview

The competition is fierce for personal training jobs in NYC. However this interview was demeaning they never asked about my qualifications or about my background. Instead they asked me to demonstrate a proper squat, deadlift and a lunge in dress pants and tie. Not using any equipment in a small tiny cramped office. I appreciate the interview at Bally's Total Fitness in Yonkers. They then called me for a second interview this time to demonstrate my form in front of another personal trainer. I took the metronorth wasted 14 dollars twice plus 4.50 on a metrocard twice.

Be Authentic!!!!

MORNING CUP OF MOTIVATION: ” I THINK most people lie to themselves because they’re disappointed at what they’re not, instead of being happy with what they are.” -Gary Vaynerchuk TAKE AWAY:

Best Post Workout Meal

You want to aim for balance. You need a lean protein like salmon or baked skinless chicken which also provides omega-3s, some spinach or kale for the minerals and vitamins and a baked sweet potatoe for it's slow burning carbs. You could even add a little flax seed oil or almond slivers to the sweet potatoe or over the spinach. Of course we should not forget that we just worked out so don't neglect to pay attention to the portion sizes.



Horizontal Conditioning!!

 I will be bring horizontal conditioning to the turlock area in late August. Make sure to look out for that, it is an intense workout!

Lost the Shame-Gain Your Self-Esteem

 (The following is an excerpt from The Diet Survivor’s Handbook)We live in a shame-based culture, spreading the message that if your body differs from the coveted thin physique, something is intrinsically wrong with you and in need of fixing. Your worth as a person has become inaccurately defined and simplified as thin equals a good, moral person and fat equals a bad, shameful person. The words people use in everyday speech show how much we have taken this equation to heart. Have you ever said these statements to yourself?