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FREE Bodyweight training programs PDF Book

I have heavily updated the bodyweight workout program PDF, which is totally free! It now includes a remedial program. The books also includes strength training and bodybuilding programs for beginners, intermediate athletes, and advanced athletes. Training tactics are also detailed at the end.

What Attracted Me to a Fitness Career

When someone asks you what some of your interests or hobbies are and you reply working out and going to the gym, it gives off the impression that you're shallow, and only care about looks, especially if you're surrounded by people who don't follow the same philosophy. For me though, working out is much more than just trying to get a shredded six-pack and look good for the beach. I'm going to be honest that yes those thoughts do cross my mind and some of my fitness goals are based on my physical appearance, but that is mostly to focus on a tangible result.

Yoga for Soccer

There are many different types of 'fitness plans' for different goals and needs: reduction of lifestyle health risks, injury rehab, general fitness, stress reduction, and sport specific training are some of the main ones. Yoga can have a role in many of these programs. I've talked in the past a bit about yoga for runners, and yoga for stress reduction, and so on. Because I have had quite a few soccer players lately, I would like to talk a bit about how your yoga can be helpful, either in off season or during your playing season.

Signs Your Workout Program is Working

We know that when we exercise we perform everyday tasks better, our health is improved, and we feel better. So the question is, how do you know if your workout program is working for you?

Be Sure to Work Those Rear Shoulders!!

One of my favourite accessory exercises is another one of those exercises that people tend to forget. When people think of shoulder training, they generally think of presses and raises rather than pulls. But the high pulley rope pull, or face pull, is the exercise that has helped me the most so far in terms of my rear delt development. Purpose: When it comes to shoulder training, it’s important to hit the shoulder from all angles. Most presses and front raises target the front deltoids, while lateral raises hit the side delts.

My mom and my quest...

Growing up I always wanted to be a an Excercise/Physical Therapist.  Living in a household with a mother with multiple sclerosis, I always wanted to figure out how to help the body help itself.  Watching my mother struggle and progressively go from a cane, to a walker, to wheel chair bound, haul around several pill boxes of medicines, and go to several doctors across the country, and spend summers in the hospital after set backs with her illness caused me to want to help in some sort of way.  I used to go to physical theapy appointments with her and they would 

Looking For A Delicious, But Healthy Snack for Football Games and Other Events?

 Looking for a delicious, but healthy snack for football games or other events?Try this delicious, easy-to-make ranch dressing/dip with no fat! Delicious, Healthy Ranch Dressing1 cup plain, no-fat Greek yogurt 1 packet of dry ranch dressing mix 1/2 cup skim milk 

How much is your health worth to you?

Insurance helps to pay your healthcare bills. However, how much are still paying out of pocket? Too much, if you ask me. The best way to cut down on your healthcare costs is to be on a consistent workout and nutrition program. The healthier you eat and the more you work out, the less chance you will need a doctor. Although, fitness can cost money and eating healthier might cost a little bit more, it's a lot less expensive than the insurance bills. I believe that it's in your best interest to spend the money now, so you don't need to spend more money later in life.

The Most Important Meal of the Day Isn't Breakfast! A Post-Workout Meal Can Make or Break the Day

Eating After a Workout

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