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We Are In This Together ... by The HG Ghostwriter

Through the speakers around the gym I can hear her breathing heavy, just as the sweat rolls down the tip of my nose while we hold plank. She catches her breath and lets out a sigh as she takes a sip of water … just as I do.  She is part drill instructor, part cheerleader, part evil genius. I say evil genius because there truly is a method behind the madness ... since I joined HG, I have never been stronger or felt better. 

IDEA World Convention 2016 - Who are YOU to tell ME what I can or can't do?!?

Well, here I am folks - the IDEA World Convention has officially started for me! While the day is young, I have already been greeted with inspiration abound, which is something I really need right now for my mental state! The past few months have been very busy and draining for me. There have been several days that I simply did not want to get out of bed. Have you felt that way before? I'm sure we all have these moments when life catches up with us and we want to collapse instead of trudging forward.

Looking for supplements to share with your clients?

I have finally found the supplements that I have been looking for that I can recommend to my clients to help improve their nutritional intake and enhance their workout results. My client feedback is 100% positive. View my website and contact me if you are also looking for that competitive edge in nutrition and wellness:

Engaging, supportive and non-judgmental

There are 1.9 billion obese adults in the world today. As fitness professionals, we need to be engaging, supportive and non-judgmental as we help our clients find something they enjoy doing that will add pleasure to their lives. The exercise prescription does not look the same for everyone! Unrelenting encouragement and total respect go a long way in helping our clients find success.

Best Beginner Tips For Choosing Vape Devices

Selection of the best vaping device actually depends on a number of things. When you are getting your first vaporizer then you will have to go through some certain things and you need to understand things in a much better way. There are so many amazing things that you will have to come up with when you are choosing the vaping device and it is always better to get your hands on the best one for yourself. We are about to share few tips that you should be keeping in mind when you are selecting the quality vape device for yourself.

IDEA World Convention 2016

I am so excited to say that after a long day of packing and driving, Kelly, my partner in crime, and I have both arrived safely at the JW Marriott located just next door to the LA Convention Center.Starting tomorrow morning, we will be a part of the world's largest fitnesses convention! This is my second year attending IDEA World Convention and I am PUMPED! With lots of workouts, workshops, and lectures to attend in the days to come, I will keep you updated on the excitement! 

3 Simple Steps to Losing Your First 10 Pounds

Are you looking to get started losing weight but don’t know where to start? Here are 3 simple steps to losing your first 10 pounds.

Kettlebells Make the Best Accessories

It’s no secret, kettlebells are my favorite accessory. You can add a kettlebell to almost any move and ... presto you have just added a new level of intensity! Once you’ve mastered it, you can pick up a heavier one and push yourself again. 

Why accountability is needed for reaching and maintaining weight loss

Accountability is one of the main reasons we fail at diets and ‪#‎

Exercise -get addicted

We can either exercise or take drugs (and doing "nothing" is a drug). The first creates heightened perception, awareness, and approach. The latter creates illusions upon illusions. The first needs to be done to understand the shift in mind,body,spirit. The latter needs to be left alone to understand the void in mind,body,spirit.Get addicted to the first.  For more in-depth blogs, please visit,