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2015 equals a Fresh Start and February is ‘Heart Health’ Month!!!! Perfect Time to reflect on the past year, then acknowledge what ‘worked’ for you and what ‘didn’t work’ in your Lifestyle choices. 2015 is a New Year bringing you a New Beginning and a Fresh Start…"Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today. Let us begin." — Mother Teresa 

I’ll Be Brief

Baby it's cold outside

Hey Team, I know it has been quite chilly, for some even too cold to make it out for a workout.  Have now fear, Team Coach Kurt is here.  This 30 minute indoor workout from trusted source ACE will get you through. 

The NEW Fitbit Charge HR

This blog is going to be more of a review on the Fitbit Charge HR. I received the Fitbit a couple of days ago and I was very happy to find out how easy it was to transfer my Fitbit account to the new one. Then , after reading a little bit about proper placement to get an accurate reading for the HR, it was good to go. Since then, I have tested it with my workout and the HR was right on. How did I know? I usually wear a Bluetooth H7 and know what my HR is during certain workouts. The HR has been accurate, as well. I just recently got it tested at the doctor and it is the same on the Fitbit.


Our lives are so busy that we tend to get caught up in our routine and forget the our body needs rest. Sometimes, we know we need rest, but we ignore the signs. To maintain a healthy profile, your body needs rest. Your metabolism, digestion and brain will function at higher levels and more efficiently when you get enough sleep. I know that every body needs different hours of sleep. Some of us do well on 4-5 hours and others of us do better on 6-8. Most doctors would recommend atleast 7 hours of sleep per night. However, even more than how much sleep we get, our body needs downtime too.

Next best thing to Icecream...

Blend:1/2 frozen banana slices1 cup frozen blueberries1 scoop chocolate protein powder1 cup unsweetened almond milk1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon sprinkled on top1 teaspoon shaved almond sprinkled on top

Is Phen375 Safe For Consumption?

Many health and fitness experts have latched onto the organic living trend, and rightfully so. Eating these healthy foods not only helps to promote a better overall level of fitness, but can also improve your health significantly. When it comes to weight loss pills, many of these same individuals are touting natural ingredients as the key to success as well. Unfortunately, these ingredients on their own do very little, as most people already get many of these in their normal diet and still struggle with their weight.


Need a little help? Here are 6 ways to lose some fat. Number 6 is not my favorite but the first 5 are great advice.

Package size on food

Package alert! Leads to over-consumption. Be careful when grabbing snack bags of your favorite chips or other items. The package size is small enough for people to consume as a single portion. The actual serving size and nutrition information relate to a single serving. But, most of these snack bags contains more than one serving.

9 Steps to Improving the Way You Feel and Look

While people constantly say you need to be happy with who you are, it’s difficult to be satisfied if you don’t feel good. The root of most people’s dissatisfaction is actually grounded in their health, not just their body image. But by improving both, you can enhance your overall quality of life and feel happier, healthier, and more attractive.Increase Your Energy