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The Best Diet: Part 2

A calorie is a calorie. Right? You have heard that before.

Cover All Your Bases

Every day, strive to eat three servings of fruit, three to four servings of vegetables, some lean protein, some whole grains, healthy oils, some nonfat or low-fat dairy, and a serving of nuts or legumes.  At each meal, look at your plate:  about one-half should be fruits and vegetables, one-quarter lean proteins (fish, poultry, beans or tofu), and one-quarter whole grains.

Boosting Concentration Through Food

Concentration levels can be enhanced through eating and consumption of certain foods - here are some of the very best.Green, Leafy Produce

E- Cigarettes Have Many More Health Benefits

Generally, e-cigarettes make use of a battery powered vaporizer to aerosolize a liquid which can be usually solutions of propylene glycol-glycerol a commonly used and extremely safe food and pharmaceutical additive, or both, plus nicotine and flavoring substances.

How Drinking Red Wine Can Improve Athletic Performance

It sounds too good to be true, but scientific evidence backs it up. Red wine actually can enhance your fitness according to researchers.

Too AWESOME to Fail ...

I met with Mr. Loan Officer last week at TOOBIGTOFAIL Bank. It went exactly as I anticipated - he didn't give me a dime.Mr. Loan Officer explained to me with his slow, patient voice (it's happened before - I sometimes get treated like I am a Fitness Bimbo Lady), he talked slowly and didn't use words that might have confused me outside of the gym (funny thing is I am really bad at counting repetitions in class but pretty good with words).

Favorite Shoulder Exercises

Shoulder exercises are common amongst women and men. If I were to take a poll of 100 men and women asking them if they included their favorite shoulder exercises in their exercise program, I am sure 90% of them would say yes. How about you? Do you work your shoulders when you exercise?

How Electronic Cigarette Works

You might be looking for a ‘healthier’ alternative or just wanting to keep up with the modern trends but electronic cigarettes, or e-cigs, are slowly taking the market from your usual convenience store brands.

The myriad health benefits of using a treadmill for exercise – Aren’t you sure of buying one?

Have you been thinking of buying a treadmill but you weren’t too sure about its benefits? As the US Department of Health and Human Services recommend at least 150 minutes of exercise every week, treadmills are indeed one of the most convenient ways of ensuring that you stay active. But convenience isn’t the only benefit of using treadmills as there’s more to it. Exercising has its own benefits which range from increasing the strength of your heart to reduced insulin resistance to weight loss.

Benefits of Lasik Eye Surgery as Reported by New Yorkers

New York is a crazy city with a huge population from people all around the world, with various cultures, backgrounds and needs. One thing is for sure that life in New York is extremely fast paced and you cannot live and survive fully with eyes having glasses or contact lenses. Lasik Eye Surgery is an increasingly popular surgery with tremendous benefits in terms of eye vision and getting rid of expensive contact lenses and glasses for a lifetime.