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Change- It's a Choice, Either Way

“If you haven’t had someone ask you better questions, I

These Workout and Diet Mistakes May Not Be as Bad As You Think

Do you have bad workout and diet habits?

You Got Chicked! Savageman 70.0

The actual story starts a while back, when I decided to participate in a shorter race distance than an Ironman. Something with a punch would be a good change of pace.I thought it would be a super idea to get the “brick” (more on that in a bit) and race the Savageman 70.0 in Deep Creek Lake, MD on September 18, 2016.

Public Boot Camp

Join Nikki Czechowski for a FREE boot camp at the UGA track! It will happen every Tuesday @ 5:15am and Thursday @ 8:20am. All levels are WELCOME, so bring a friend! You will need a mat, towel and a set of hand weights 10-15lbs. There will be an anonymous tip jar, please feel free to drop in a few bucks, some Kroger coupon's, an oil change gift certificate, baked goods or any token of appreciation I'm making this class free so it is accessible to everyone. I'm counting on large numbers of people to come and tip a few bucks to make it beneficial to us all.

The Worst Anniversary

A year ago today was the last day my husband was able to walk in his own house, even though it was so difficult for him, that it was painful to watch. The next day, he could not stand up at all and fell down trying. Needing help getting back up was the greatest humiliation for him but I could not do it by myself and ended up calling 911 for assistance. He did not want to go to the hospital but agreed to it a few hours later. He was not able to move his left arm and leg and could not even sit up. 

Lessons from a hike

A few weeks ago, a few friends and I went for a hike.  It was a beautiful sunny day, and we were excited to be on a new trail.  We had an idea of where we were going and which trails we needed to follow in order to get us to where we wanted to go.  We took a picture of the map so we could have it on our phones and started out.  It was about a nine-mile hike, and we were confident of our ability to read a map and follow the trail markers!  All was well as we hiked and enjoyed the scenery and the company of each other.

Experiencing Atkins

On July 1st and until August 1st I decided to embark into a new adventure, starting a very short (30 days/4 phases) of the very popular diet, The Atkins Diet.

Excess Light Exposure May Take Toll on Muscles and Bones

Every day people are exposed to hours of artificial light from a variety of sources – computers, video games, office lights and, for some, 24-hour lighting in hospitals and nursing homes. Now new research in animals shows that excessive exposure to “light pollution” may be worse for health than previously known, taking a toll on muscle and bone strength. 

We are Terrible at Helping People Lose Weight.

HGH Supplements vs. HGH Injections

The Human Growth Hormone, commonly known as the HGH, is a hormone that our body naturally secretes in the pituitary gland that stimulate growth, cellular renewal and reproduction. HGH regulates growth, metabolizes fat and balances sugar levels.This hormone will work in conjunction with a protein that makes up almost 30% of the protein in the human body known as collagen. It will help maintain the body’s skin and muscle structure.