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My New Years Resolution: No More Excuses

During the start of the New Year, a majority of people make resolutions about losing weight, eating better, and living a healthy lifestyle.  Yet, still filled with good intentions, the month of January has come and gone, and you still haven't starting moving.

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How is it going?

Day 5 into the new year, thought I would share a few meals that I find tasty and good for me. Poached Salmon w/spinich, brown rice and avocado. Easy to prepare and delish.Oat bran w/favorite sweetner for breakfast or a post workout snack on a cold day..Snack, apple and a bag of Pirites Booty's (snack attack)Simple foods that agree with me.Contact me and I will post your favorite simple meal ideas..Any healthy scone recipies??? 

7 Reasons Health Insurance is a Must for Everyone

Our health is probably one of the things that we often take for granted. We get so caught up with our daily activities that we forget the important things that matter. But we must keep in mind that no matter how busy we are, health should be our number one priority and we must make sure that we got it covered especially in cases of emergencies. Health insurance is a must for everyone and to get things started, getting affordable health insurance quotes  is the first step.

The Absolute One Step Solution On How To Get Your Blog Started In Just A Few Minutes

With the advent of computers and social media people have received an authentic and effective platform to voice their opinions and thoughts. Though Facebook and other networking sites are a popular option but Blogging is what really gets the audience. Advanced blogging sites like WordPress, Blogger etc. have played a big role in allowing users to give their opinions, reviews or tell their side of the story to millions of people around the world. Probably at this point one might have an idea that how powerful a well written blog could be.

Outfits medical professionals would never wear – A big list to stay on track

Yes, clothes hardly matter for us but we hate to accept the fact that while a person should be judged at his workplace based on his capability to work, this is not the way the world works. How exactly you prefer to dress every morning reflects on how you take your job. Whether you’re taking your position seriously or you’re ready to focus on new work, for every kind of job, there’s a particular dress for you. If you’re out on a construction site, would you go there in your favorite stilettos?

Natural Ways To Get Fast Relief From Cellulite


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An Electric Shaver Just For You

People nowadays especially for the men, they are now using shavers that are powered by electricity. Men prefer to use this kind of tool since it is more convenient to use. Electric shaver are sometimes known as electric razor or even dry razor, since it does not necessarily require to use a shaving cream or even soap and water in using it.

Brain Functions & Vital Aspects Most People Are Not Aware Of