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The Most Important Day of Your Week

I have been experimenting with my body, nutrition, workouts and lifestyle the past 9 months.

Reverse Diet, Don't Yo-Yo Diet

Question for you.

Best Summertime Exercises

Best summertime exercises is my topic for today’s blog. If you are like most of us, your summer is really busy. Dropping and picking up the kids from day camp, work and summer vacations may not leave us much time for long exercise. No worries!

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#makeitorbreakit challenge #2 homework!


#makeitorbreakit Challenge#2 Sugar

Ok everybody, we are nearing the end of week #2 of our #makeitorbreak it challenge! The next challenges will start in about 8 days! I gotta say, I have stuck to the make drinking water a habit challenge. Before this challenge, I never felt thirsty, now I do. I actually drink more than I need to on a couple days. I have noticed that the wrinkles that have been coming in are actually going away and my skin overall is much better! I'll take it! As far as breaking the habit of no calories after dinner, I have not been perfect.

Tips For Buying The MCT Oil

People are really looking to buy the best MCT oil that they can find. However, there are many of these oils that are not really the best product on the market. And, this is because people don’t have all the tips for buying the best MCT oil.

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Abstract Podium Presentation at NSCA National Conference 2016 in New Orleans, LA

A 4-month circuit functional high-intensity training progmam improves body composition and performance in sedentary overweight or obese women.

New Weight Loss Surgery (read before you consider any weight loss surgery)

Excellent, insiteful blog written by my former coach and mentor, Ellen Schumen: