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Medical Billing And Coding Salary Information You Want To Know

Medical coding and billing stand out as really important careers in the medical industry. Such specialists will work in order to handle various vital parts of the medical sector like coding, billing, processing insurance claims and medical office management. As you can imagine with such huge responsibilities, medical billing and coding salary info will be quite attractive.

Roller Balance Hip Extension

This roller hip extension is a tough exercise that works your core and requires balance and upper body strength.  Live Good,Mac Dodds

Rockfish, Mom's homemade peas, and a side of greens...

Lose Weight Safe and Fast: Three Ways


Dangers of a chronic high-sugar diet

Chronic high sugar intake can reduce the body's ability to handle carbohydrates. This reduces insulin sensitivity and increases insulin response to meals. This leads to excess fat gain due to chronic high insulin levels (especially around the "love handles" and upper back area). The eventual consequence of poor carbohydrate tolerance is diabetes, cancer, Alzheimer's, kidney disease, joint pain and arthritis. Foods that contain less than 5 grams of sugar per 100 g of food are considered "low sugar", although you should look for foods with as close to 0 grams of sugar as possible.

All good things must come from a bend

RANGE OF MOTIONFitness come sin all forms and fashions. One of the key elelemnts fo sound health is functional, full, and non-painful range of motion. These following movements, split into upper an dlower body, may help maintain or attain proper range of motion. UPPER BODYHead tilts, forward and backHead tilts, side to sideHead turnsShoulder movement, up and downShoulder movement, side to sideShoulder rotationElbow bendsWrist bendsWrist rotationPalm up, palm downFinger bends

The Balance Guy lastest

Check out my 3 strength  exercises that will help build core strength and great posture and a great stay at home training for when you lack time but still want results  

How to make your eyelashes grow at home

Thick and long eyelashes give the illusion of wider eyes. They can drastically change your appearance and make your eyes look beautiful. Know how to make your eyelashes grow faster and naturally with these easy tips: • Brush your eyelashes with a tiny comb often. Regular brushing can make your eyelashes grow a little.  • Apply some Vaseline to your eyelashes with an ear bud every day before going to bed. It will make your eyelashes grow longer over time.