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9 Reasons Why Fishing Is One of The Best Ways To Stay Fit For Seniors

Fishing is more than just something you do on the weekends. If you're a senior citizen, it can be a vital component to staying healthy and living longer! Here are just nine of the ways that fishing is good for your body, mind and soul. 1. Cardiovascular Exercise

9 Reasons Why Practicing MMA Is One Of The Best Things For Fitness

The popularity of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is growing at an unprecedented rate; everybody who wants to embrace fitness is turning to MMA. MMA is a sport that incorporates elements from various martial arts disciplines, such as boxing, jiu-jitsu, tae kwon do, muay thai, kick-boxing and karate. The physical exercises that one goes through, when training in MMA, bring about a level of fitness that is unbelievable. Rickson Gracie is a Brazilian MMA and jiu-jitsu fighter, who at 58-years old, displays fitness levels that prove that MMA is the ultimate fitness sport.

Ways to Improve Your Exercise Form

We are all given the blessing of one life to live, and there are things we can do to best ensure we get to enjoy a high level of quality in ours.

How to Prevent Workout Sweat From Making Your Adult Acne Worse

Adult acne is a problem that can affect men and women alike, and can be painful, embarrassing, and difficult to get rid of. Often, in adults, the causes of acne are hormonal, and in women this means their acne can vary in severity at different times of the month. Whiles hormones are often the underlying cause, what actually makes acne pimples and cysts appear is an overproduction of natural sebum in the hair follicles on the skin. This blocks the pores, creating the acne.

Pullups without equipment

In the below video, I demonstrate two pullup exercises using a door. All you need is a hand towel.

Why Prednisone and Other Corticosteroids Are More Dangerous Than You May Realize

Has your doctor recently prescribed you with prednisone or other corticosteroids? These types of drugs can be highly beneficial for treating a wide range of medical conditions, from severe allergic reactions to chronic arthritis to serious asthma. They can also be very helpful for athletes trying to get over an illness or injury in time for a major event. For instance, a runner struggling with bronchitis or sinus infections in the week or two leading up to a marathon might take prednisone to clear things up quickly.

Tips for managing your stress while planning your wedding!

Planning a wedding should be an exciting time. Wedding planning can be like having a fulltime job. If you are not an organized person in general, you can become anxious, frustrated and exhausted during this time. Consider hiring a health lifestyle coach to help you navigate busy. They are particularly a great help for busy business professionals and executives that travel.

National Suicide Prevention Month

Did you know suicide is currently the 10th leading cause of death in the U.S.?  On average the U.S.has approximatly 17 suicides  per day.  That's staggering!  What can you do to help?  Please follow this link for tips and information how YOU can help prevent suicide and educate those around you.  Remember, sometimes it's simply one small act that can change someone's life.  It starts with us.

Exercise After Joint Injury: A Three-Step Approach

Exercise after joint injury can depend upon several things.  Here are a few:

Psychological Wellness: Enhancing Fitness Programs, and Michael Jackson?

This past weekend it was my honor to present on the topic of "Psychological Wellness" at the Albuquerque Strength and Conditioning Clinic, held annually for fitness professionals and interested public at the JCC of Greater Albuquerque